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When You Walk at Madison Square Garden by Roberto La Posta
kokatuj uploaded 23 July 2018 в 6:05
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Canadian singer, songwriter, performed at Madison Square Garden Manhattan New York



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When You Walk Verse I:

Verse I:

I can Feel, I can feel the magic
Aaaah, in your eyes
Hear my heart, just hear it tick
Aaaah, my heart cries

Verse II:

I can feel, I can feel your touch
Aaaah, when you walk right in
I can feel, that it’s just too much
Aaaah, the feeling within


Ooh, ooh, only you
Ooh, ooh can feel it’s true


When you walk, when you walk right in
I can see, I can see the light

Copyright SOCAN 2018 Music/Lyrics/Vocals by Roberto La Posta

Source: https://youtu.be/70zYUC83AZM

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