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J.Juice - Shake A Leg (Official Dance Video)
kokatuj uploaded 6 months ago
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The most addictive dance song J.Juice Shake A Leg directed by Johnny B Good AKA J.Juice For Money Juice Entertainment. Song available everywhere: https://smarturl.it/shakealegbyjjuice LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & SHARE SHARE SHARE! #jjuice #shakealeg #shakealegchallenge Thank you to everybody that helps with the Shake A Leg video. Camera Man: Samuel, Isaiah, Kyra, Destiny, Jordan for Money Juice ENT & Karanja with 1 Shot Filmz. Dancers: Kyra Jean, Kimberly, Teedo with Money Juice ENT. & Nicole, Charles & Seraphim with Bitta Records, Panessia Young for stopping by & DeAnna Liburd Sumter & Antonio Sumter for letting us use your place Next N Line Event Hall.
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Source: https://youtu.be/GrkP9FKJuNE

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